same book, new title, happy me

Boring confession: I am horrible at titling things.

I came up with the title of my book just before we sold it, and while I never hated A POINT SO DELICATE, I was always sort of meh about it. Though I’ve gotten used to saying and writing it for a while now, it continued to feel like a placeholder. I do think it captures the nature of the book — a girl dealing with a number of obstacles that could (might?) push her over the edge — but while it’s a pretty title, it always seemed a bit overly precious to me.

So when I learned we had to come up with a new one, I was mostly excited but also daunted. I begged for help from a few very patient friends who are much better at this process than me. I spent a very long day with a word cloud. I submitted a whole slew of titles and bounced them around with my editor and agent and they just didn’t work.

Then I got an email from my editor with a title that she thought might be The One. And then another email with a title that was absolutely The One. Which left me thinking: 1) She’s brilliant. 2. (Obviously.) And 3) How did I not think of this from the start? Because my new title is …

[are you ready for this?]

[now I’m just being a jerk]




Not so super far from the original and yet quite different. I like that it’s succinct, that you look at it and instantly know the story has roots in the ballet world. And it also plays nicely on “pointing the finger” as guilt and blame comprise a large theme of the novel.

I can’t wait to share more about the book (!!) but in the meantime, you can add POINTE here on Goodreads. If you are so inclined.

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