lil’ update

As it turns out, I’m pretty good at not blogging, but in case you were wondering what else I’ve been up to? You’re in the right place at the right time, my friend.

1. Revisions. Always. Forever. Okay, not really. But I am in the midst of second-round revisions for my book and I continue to be amazed and humbled by my editor’s insight. And how much work goes into a book. And how many times I can look at this manuscript without wanting to throw my laptop across the room. But overall, I could not ask for a better job. Which, it’s strange to finally refer to my writing as a “job” since publishing a novel is my ultimate dream, what I’ve wanted and hoped and wished for since I was seven years old. But it is work. Hard work. Fun work at times, but work all the same. And some day, that work will be a book that I can hold in my hands — a fact that I still can’t believe, most days.

2. Friday Night Lights. Has taken over my life. I finished season 1 months ago and the start of the second season was a bit slow for me, so I took a break. It is well worth it to keep pushing on. Imperative, actually. I’ll not tell you how quickly I’ve flown through all of season 3 (my favorite, thus far) and almost all of season 4, for fear that you will judge me. Because I often joke about being a TV junkie, but it’s not really a laughing matter. I love television only slightly less than I love books (IF FORCED TO CHOOSE) and if you give me a good drama . . . well, frankly it’s embarrassing how many episodes of a good show I can take down in one sitting. But? I think writers can learn a lot from well-written television and films and FNL is exceptional. I don’t know if I’ve ever used up so many TV tears on one show. Nor have I felt this way about a cast of characters since Felicity and Six Feet Under and those are two of my top five favorite shows of all time. Though I’ll refrain from naming my favorite characters (*cough* TIM RIGGINS *cough*) because that’s just about everyone. (Also, I’m well aware that I’m late to the party on this one but let’s just pretend otherwise, okay?)

3. Friday the Thirteeners. I’m the newest member! Oh, what is it? We’re a small group of YA authors whose books are debuting in 2013, and our blog posts are structured around truths and dares submitted by our fellow writers and readers. The Thirteeners are a ton of fun and if you are so inclined, you can submit a truth or dare for me (or any of us!) here. My first post went up a week ago, and naturally it was just me proclaiming my love for YA and MG novels that I can’t stop thinking about, years later.

4. I leave you with this, friends:

Because that happened. First time seeing Rocky IV on the big screen since I was 6 years old and suffice to say I was in boxing film/80s nostalgia bliss. Have I not talked about Rocky here yet? Oh, I have lots of love for the Rocky saga. This love began when my dad took my older brother and me to see Rocky IV in the theater, and this love is not at all ironic. But we’ll save that for another time.