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May is here! It is my favorite month, and not just because it is my birthday month. I’m from Southern Missouri and grew up experiencing all four seasons. Spring was always the season I most looked forward to – the fresh air, the new earth, pretty flowers. Chicago’s spring is basically a joke (IT SNOWS IN APRIL THERE YOU GUYS), and LA is, as you can imagine, pretty much the same all year (a beautiful, warm kind of sameness, yes). So what I’m saying is, this is the month to ask me for things, guys. I’m in a good mood.

I’ve also been crashing the blogs of friends who’ve been nice enough to host me:

Last week, my good friend Amy Spalding asked me to post about my in-person writing group. So I did. Because they’re the best. You can read my post here. You should also check out Amy’s posts because they are funny and useful. Oh, and there’s a lot of Zac Efron, if you’re into that.

And today, the very excellent Mindy McGinnis (and my fellow Lucky 13er) posted an interview with me. I talk about my writing process, my agent, and how I’m bashful online. That interview is here.

Also! Have you guys heard of Crits for Water? It’s a wonderful campaign run by Kat Brauer that provides funding for clean water projects in developing nations. The campaign has raised thousands of dollars, and I’ll be participating in June, offering a guest critique of the first 5,000 words of a YA/MG manuscript. I am super excited about this.

That’s all for now, friends. Happy May to you!

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