in which things start happening

So, I realize I’ve been fairly absent here the past couple of months, but it is, essentially, because nothing was happening. Nothing worth reporting, that is.

And then in January, ALL THE THINGS happened! Like:

1) I received my editorial letter. If you’re not well-versed in publishing speak, an editorial letter is a breakdown from the author’s editor that lays out all the big (proposed) changes to take place in the book. Also known as edits or revisions. It is highly anticipated and also slightly dreaded (from what I’ve gathered through talks with other writers, at least) because we’re never sure what to expect. In my case, I had discussed a few aspects with my editor before she composed the letter, but I wasn’t sure what else we’d be tackling.

My editor (the fabulous Ari Lewin) called me to tell me the letter would be landing in my inbox, stressed that it is a collaborative process, and told me to think about it for a few days and give her a call back to talk through them. The letter was, in a word, brilliant. Ari is brilliant. Her suggestions and breakdown of my novel made me realize no one else could have worked with me on this book. She just gets it: my characters, their struggles, and the world I’ve built around them. The letter is humbling and will likely be one of the most challenging tasks I’ve ever accomplished. But it’s also the best kind of challenge I can imagine and I know that by the end of my revisions, I will have written the best book I possibly could have.

2) I received my contract!

*cue dorky but necessary contract-signing photo*

And thank you to my wonderful friend Shannon M. who took said photo and provided (too much) champagne to celebrate the arrival of my contract. I feel so fortunate to have so many supportive friends who understand how much this book thing means to me.

I also:

3) Joined an in-person critique group. I have to say, I was realllly nervous about this one. I loved all of the other members when we initially met up to see if I’d be a good fit, but I’ve never been part of a critique group. It seems so bizarre now, but I only started showing my work to people four years ago, on a one-on-one basis. And to be honest, I only became comfortable with this within the last year. So, needless to say, I wasn’t sure the group thing would work for me, as I was still getting used to the whole critique partner situation.

But, like many other parts of life, it’s all about a good fit. And as soon as I started reading the submissions from the other group members, I knew how lucky I was to have joined the group. Talent for days, guys. We also have a variety of writing (poetry, novels, plays, screenplays), which keeps it fresh. My first meeting was fantastic and I already anxiously await our next one.

4) Became slightly addicted to Bravo’s Tabatha Takes Over. Look, I know. I’ve seen plenty of commercials over the years and assumed I’d hate it. I thought it was just another fluffy reality show with little merit. And is it necessary? Probably not, but as it turns out, I actually think it does a lot of good. I like Tabatha’s no-nonsense attitude (and if you know me personally, this is not a surprise). But also? She’s essentially helping people save their businesses, which includes forcing them to take responsibility for their poor business practices and implement good hygiene in the workplace. Again, if you know me, this should make so much sense.

5) I also wrote a guest post for the lovely Nova Ren Suma last week, in which I talk about my turning point as a writer. (P.S. In that post, I’m giving away of one of my favorite YA novels by one of my very favorite authors; the giveaway is open until Wednesday, February 8, so get thee to the blog immediately!) And on Tuesday, I’ll be posting an interview on The Lucky 13s blog with an author whose gorgeous YA novel debuts that day.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. And now, back to my revisions because I’M ON DEADLINE. (I’ve always wanted to say that; though I’ve worked on deadlines for my entire professional career, it seems so magical when it’s related to book publishing.)

16 thoughts on “in which things start happening

  1. yaaay contract signing. I’m going to live vicariously through you until I get to sign my own. And then maybe still because your writing group sounds very cool and very scary and very cool. Congrats on all of the fun publishing things!

    1. Thank you! And I have a feeling you’ll be signing your own contract in no time. Which is also a very cool and very scary and very cool experience. Hehe.

    1. Thanks, Peggy! I swear, the editorial letter is one of the most exciting and terrifying things we can experience. Until, you know, our book is actually OUT there. Eep.

  2. Not a dorky photo at all, Brandy. I signed mine in a Kinkos, so my photo is of my hand (taken by my other hand). Also, I love Tabitha! She’s scary but effective. Kind of like a good agent or editor, no?



    1. Aww, thanks, Nicole! Kind of want to see that photo from Kinko’s, though. A contract-signing is a contract-signing.

      And I am SO GLAD to finally know someone else who loves Tabatha’s brand of bossy! You absolutely nailed it. I know I’d want someone like her in my corner. Think we should convince her to go into publishing? πŸ™‚

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