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So, my book sold. And I’m kind of (totally) freaking out about it, still. Here is the deal announcement from Publishers Marketplace on October 18:

Children’s: Young Adult 
Brandy Colbert’s debut A POINT SO DELICATE, about a ballet prodigy whose life begins to unravel when she’s forced to admit to the role she played in her childhood friend’s abduction, to Arianne Lewin at Putnam Children’s, by Tina Wexler at ICM (World English).

I am so THRILLED to work with Ari Lewin. To have been matched with an editor who truly understands the story you are trying to tell and strives to help make it the best book it can possibly be? It’s pretty much what you wish for the moment you start dreaming of publication.

Tina Wexler? The BEST agent I could ask for, and the person responsible for matching me with said editor. She called to offer representation on August 1 and called to tell me we had an offer barely two months later, on October 5th. Both calls were life-changing and ones I will never forget (if only because I babbled like an idiot for the better part of them – sorry, Tina). She has been tops on my short list of Dream Agents the four years I’ve been working toward publication, and let me tell you, she has MORE than lived up to that title. I am extremely lucky to have her in my corner.

The book? I wrote three others prior to this one, but it has been in the works since 2009. Multiple drafts have been written and tossed aside, and it took a lot of sweat and tears (no blood, thankfully) to get to a point where I had something I was really proud of. But it is a story that has been in me far longer than even I realized, much sooner than I even attempted to put it down on paper. I am just beyond excited that everything came together the way it did, that I had fantastic first readers and critique partners who told me what was working and what was not, and that I was fortunate enough to find people who believed in it enough to help me achieve my dream of publication.

More on how the story came to me and how I got my agent in future posts. Promise. This is already getting a bit long. But I do want to say that I’ve wanted to be a published author since I was seven years old; this is essentially my life’s dream come true and I am so, so happy I get to share it with you.

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